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Pitmaster - Anthony Parham

Meet the Pitmaster

Anthony Parham

Get to know your Pitmaster. 

Savvy-Q will create a custom menu just for you, matching Seasonal, Fresh & Local Foods with your style, venue, and budget.
Whether you need Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering, or a Private Chef for a Party, Savvy-Q will provide a wonderful, memorable dining experience for you & your guests. 

Hello, I'm Anthony Parham founder and owner of Savvy-Q. I have a deep passion for cooking sweet slow, and smokey, using only the finest hardwood lump charcoal and wood chips of various flavors. I never let the flames from propane touch my meats or vegetables.... NEVER. I handle all my dishes with the utmost care and love.  They're tenderly looked after and cared for, for hours on end. The act of Barbecuing has that unique way of pulling people together. I absolutely love making BBQ, but nothing beats seeing the looks on people's faces when they are enjoying every bite, smiling & laughing together. "Grilling and smoking know no off season!" Lets get smoked out! 

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